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Nepal is a Small Landlocked country with a total area of 147181 Sq. Kms. The country shares its border with China at its north and India at its East, West and South. The tallest mountain in the World, Mount Everest (8,848.86 Meters or say 29,031.69 Feet) lies in the north part of Nepal.

Nepal is well known amongst people around the world for world’s highest Mountain (Mt. Everest), Sherpas, Gurkhas, Himalayas and many other reasons.

Nepalese society is so rich and diverse in Culture and Language with more than 100 different tribes, cast and ethnic people groups and their languages, lifestyles and traditions. Although being this much diverse in cultural and lingual aspect, the Nepalese society shares a very good and ideal harmony between each tribes and ethnic groups. The National Language of Nepal is Nepali.

Geographically, Nepal is divided into 3 main regions namely The Mountain Region, The Hilly Region and the Terai Region.

There are mainly 4 season in Nepal namely 1. Summer (June to August), 2. Autumn (September to December), 3. Winter (January to February), 4. Spring (March to May). You can visit Nepal round the year. But the best seasons for trekking in Nepal are considered as spring and autumn. Some of the high mountains are not doable in other seasons while many trekking destinations are doable in any season.